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Getting to Know the Garnet

Are you celebrating a birthday this month? New year really can mean new you when it comes to this month’s captivating birthstone. When it comes to choosing a piece, all of us at Sorg Jewelers want our clients to feel completely in the loop from start to finish. Join us on this month’s birthstone journey as we uncover and learn about the garnet. 

The Gem of Faith 

While the garnet is beautiful on it’s own, legend has it that this stone can bring peace, prosperity and good health to all in the home it is kept in. If one purchases, wears and practices good deeds while in possession of the gemstone, good fortune is said to come your way. On the flip side, however, the same legends state that if one purchases, wears and commits malicious acts while in possession of the gemstones, the same negative fortune you bestow onto others will befall you. 

The Gem of Health and Chakras

Whether you’re into natural medicine or not, you’ve no doubt heard the term “chakras” floating across the coffee shop, the workplace or the dinner table. Ancient legends believed the garnet to be capable of removing any negative energy from the chakras and purifying the blood in an attempt to prevent disease and bodily harm. In extreme cases, ancient healers would place small garnets inside the wounds of soldiers to speed up and simplify their healing process. 

Garnets: Blood and the Life Force

The garnet’s traditionally deep red color has always been associated with the body’s cardiovascular system and has even been thought to prevent hemorrhage and improve circulation. Garnet’s color is reported to also stir a person’s creative feminine energy. These associations have coined the garnet as a symbol of love throughout history.

At Sorg Jewelers we pride ourselves on service, having offered outstanding guidance and craftsmanship for over 120 years. From custom pieces to folkloric traditions, we have you covered from the moment you walk through our doors. Have more questions about the world of garnets? Do you have a stone you’d like to see a deep dive done on? Let us know! Visit our website for more!