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Four Generations of Hard Rock.

What started as one man’s passion has turned into a family’s tradition.


Sigmund Sorg founded Sorg Jewelers in 1900 in Roanoke, Illinois. Second generation sons, Sidney, Earl, Nelson and Richard carried on the business for decades. Now third and fourth generation Sorg’s are in charge of the storied family business. John Sorg (Sidney’s son) is CEO and Darin Sorg (John’s son) is President. They carry on the tradition and legacy of trust, high ethical standards, knowledge, fair pricing and value through their two stores. It is a simple, yet crucial formula for the stores’ success. Everything else builds from those five important keys.

Sorg Jewelers

The Sorg Jewelers Sign

The staff at Sorg’s feel that their service is one of the main reasons that keeps clients coming back, generation after generation – now for over 124 years. The Goshen store has been a main stay in Downtown Goshen since the early 30’s, housed in the same historic building ever since. In the fall of 2006 marked a historic time for Sorg Jewelers! The Sorg family looked towards the future as they relocated their downtown Elkhart store to a brand-new, custom-built jewelry store on the fast growing and popular County Road 17 in Elkhart. In addition, the Goshen store received several facelifts (inside and out) to keep pace.

Most people need assistance when buying a piece of jewelry. Whether it is a diamond, colored gemstone, watch, necklace, etc. – our trained, caring and non-commissioned sales staff is there to guide clients along so that their purchases can be made with complete satisfaction and confidence. Rest assured that when a client  enters one of the Sorg’s stores, they will be met with arguably the best sales staff and goldsmith department assembled in the business. In fact, Sorg Jewelers has consecutively won the award and distinction of the BEST jewelry store in Elkhart County since the inception of the award!

In addition to Sorg Jewelers’ Private Collection of Southern African Diamonds (and all the offerings that you would expect from a fine jewelry store) Sorg’s have established themselves as a go-to store for gifts of all budgets. “We are constantly striving to solidify our position as the premier jewelry store in Elkhart County as well as its surrounding areas,” said John Sorg. “With that mentioned, Sorg Jewelers has an award-winning Master Jeweler/Designer, a Goldsmith and a Master Watchmaker as part of our team. So nearly all jewelry repairs, engraving and watch repairs are all done “in house” as well as any custom jewelry for our clients”, added Sorg. Do you want something repaired to its original look? We can do it! Do you desire something customized to your specific needs and liking? We can do that too! We have the extensive experience in creating fine, custom-made pieces of jewelry beginning with an idea or concept to a finished piece of jewelry. This usually involves sketching a picture or creating a CAD image, carving a wax design or creating a model, casting it and then finishing the jewelry to become something that exceeds our clients’ expectations. This feature greatly enhances the strength and depth of Sorg Jewelers’ in-house goldsmith jewelry repair and custom jewelry department.

In addition to their longevity in business, Sorg Jewelers separates themselves from the rest with our membership in the highly accredited American Gem Society (AGS), which has rigorous annual standards that must be met for membership. The AGS is an organization consisting of the most elite jewelry stores. Less than 4% of all the jewelry stores the United States and Canada are AGS members. Sorg Jewelers has been AGS members since 1960 and each title holder has to re-certify and retest each year. Sorg’s responsibilities are to protect consumers from fraudulent pricing and deceitful business practices.

Sorg Jewelers is proud to serve Goshen, Elkhart and its surrounding areas. If you aren’t already a client, we invite you to let our family jewelry store be your family jewelry store and experience our over 124 years and four generation’s worth of tradition and passion for the symbols of love that we offer. If you are looking for a spectacular and memorable gift, make Sorg Jewelers your first stop. Did you know that we have one of the finest selections of watches assembled in Michiana?! And if we don’t have the brand you want, there is a good chance we can get it for you! We have an entire line-up of gift ideas for all budgets and for nearly every special occasion. With over a century of experience, consider us your specialists in engagements, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, “Labor of Love” presents, baby gifts, retirement gifts and graduation presents. Or even just the surprise “just because you deserve it” gift. Ladies, be sure to check out Sorg’s latest jewelry selections on your next visit and try some things on – even if it’s just for fun! Then fill out our infamous “Wish List” to make gift giving even easier for your loved ones! Gentlemen, there are 3 billion guys in the world…She picked you…Remind her why with some beautiful jewelry from Sorg Jewelers. Our professionals will help you find a gift worth giving and well-worth receiving! And as always, we offer free gift wrapping with hand made bows.