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The Perfect Proposal

The Perfect Proposal:

Very few events require as much thought, preparation, and determination as marriage. The proposal sets the stage for the happiness and promise to come. With nearly 80% of engagements occurring during the holiday season, get prepared for the perfect proposal by following our marriage proposal tips!

First, know the answer. You would be surprised to know the amount of men who don’t even bother discussing marriage with their girlfriends. Popping the question shouldn’t be your first discussion of marriage.

The Ring. Consider doing some window-shopping prior to the ring purchase. If you want the ring to be a true surprise, consult her friends and family, or her family jeweler, to get a feel for her likes and dislikes. After all, she’ll be wearing this for the rest of her life…or at least until you trade-up. Visit one of our convenient locations to work with one of our trained, AGS certified and non-commissioned sales associates to help you find that perfect ring.

Peace-of-Mind. Do your homework before buying the engagement ring. Most importantly do business with a jeweler you trust. We have been in business for over a century, we have been family owned and operated for four generations. As an American Gem Society member, we make up less than 5% of jewelers in the United States and Canada. Why so few? Because the qualifications for membership are stringent. Shopping with an American Gem Society jeweler means you can shop with confidence. And, make sure you insure the ring. Before you go planning an extravagant marriage proposal, one of the first things that you should do is insure the ring with an insurance policy. The ring can be added for an additional cost under your homeowner’s or tenants insurance policy.

Ask Permission, Not Forgiveness. There is an old Roman custom know as “joining of the hands”, where the groom would give the bride’s father a coin that symbolized the purchase of the bride. The bride would then pass from her father’s hand to the grooms. Although this rarely exists today, it’s common respect to ask the bride’s father for approval before whisking his daughter away.

Be Creative. Take this opportunity to shine. Your proposal should be a reflection of you and your bride-to-be. Following are a few marriage proposal tips:

Location, Location, Location. Propose via video or in person from an extreme location – atop a mountain, while skydiving, or on the shores of a romantic and faraway beach.

Public Displays of Affection. Think about the JumboTron at a professional sporting event, a plane trailing your proposal, an intercom on a commercial airplane, a billboard on her route home from work…the more witnesses the merrier.

Traditional. In an intimate setting, preferably one with family and friends waiting nearby, drop to one knee and let your heart do the talking.

Spread the News. Tell everyone you know about your engagement. Have a plan to communicate quickly and consider sending an engagement announcement to your local newspaper and sharing the news with your favorite social media networks. Southern African Diamonds Engagement Contest

Celebrate. Toast your engagement with a night on the town, a glass of bubbly or a celebration with friends and family.

We wish you the best as you enter this life time of a journey together.