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Happy Halloween: The 3 Spookiest Gemstones

It’s Halloween! Whether you’re young enough to trick-or-treat or old enough to find joy in passing out the candy instead, everyone loves a little bit of heart-pumping, goosebump-giving spookiness on this fall holiday. Not a fan of the horror movies? We’ve rounded up the 3 spookiest gemstones we can think of… celebrate with us instead!

  1. The Hope Diamond

    We’re starting off strong with what is potentially the most famous blue diamond in all of history. The Hope Diamond can be traced back for centuries, mostly due to the dark strand of mischief that follows it. Named for the Hope family who owned the diamond in the mid 19th century, this stone weighs a whopping 45.25 carats and is believed to have originated in India in the 17th century. Murders, curses, and unlucky souls have compounded upon this stone, but so has the price tag… each time a new story unfolds. Sounds a little fishy, no?


    Sometimes known as “Mountain of Light,” the Koh-i-Noor is a huge diamond weighing over 105 carats. Ownership has changed hands many times throughout the centuries, but the desire to own this precious stone has led to bloodshed, wars, and many forms of deception. Sources have dated the fantastic jewel back to 3000 BC, but others place it closer to the 1650’s— all agree that the stone is of Indian origin. Ultimately, the British became owner of the diamond… and the association of misfortune that came with it. As the Koh-i-Noor developed a strong history of betrayal, it became a symbol of bad luck to any man who wore it. For this reason, only female members of the royal family ever wear it to this day.

  3. Delhi Purple Sapphire

Have you ever read The Purple Sapphire by Edward Heron-Allen? Maybe give it a go. Also hailing from India, this The tale of woe that surrounds the gem’s lore was uncovered by a curator at London’s Natural History Museum. Along with the stone, the curator found a typewritten note detailing the misfortune that would befall the owner of the sapphire. One of alleged cursed was Edward Heron-Allen, himself. He immediately ran into difficulties upon receiving the stone, which led him to believe the gemstone was cursed. Each time he attempted to part with the stone, it found its way back to him.

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