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Top 3 Engagement Ring Trends of 2022

No matter what anybody says, we all know an engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewelry–it’s a symbol of love and commitment. As we enter into the most popular months to pop the question, we found it only fitting to share what we have discovered to be the most popular engagement trends of 2022!

Multi-Stone Rings 

Double and triple stone rings are steadily rising in popularity alongside the pairing of unique gemstones. If Ariana Grande’s pearl and diamond engagement stunner was any indication, we have launched into an era of rings just as unique as each love they represent. Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Retail at Brilliant Earth, Kathryn Money, explained to that the timeless symbolism of this design known as Toi Et Moi is part of the appeal. “While it might feel like a modern and unique trend, it’s actually a style of engagement ring that has been around for centuries,” she exclaims.

Colorful Stones 

Gone are the days of diamonds stealing the show. Little do most know, but the blue sapphire was actually the original engagement stone—not the Diamond. Blue sapphires are having a resurgence this year, along with emerald and morganite. Gemstones are chosen for a multitude of reasons, including birthstones, favorite colors, and folklore surrounding the origins. 

The Oval 

The popularity of the oval engagement ring has been on the incline for the past few years, reaching its highest point yet in 2022. The oval’s distinct oblong shape helps to draw attention to the hand and can lengthen the appearance of the fingers. Though recognizably different than the round stone, ovals offer a flirty and classic alternative to the typical choice.

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