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The Lore of the Black Opal

As we start to enter the spooky season, we found it only right to begin introducing our favorite mysterious and dare-we-say spooky gemstones! Come along with us this month as we learn about the lore and the background of the elusive Black Opal!

What is a Black Opal?

Black opal is known for its dark-to-black base color that can range from dark gray or dark green to black. More simply, black opal describes any opal with a dark body tone. These opals are often the most highly valued of all, due to the dark base color allowing the stone’s “fire” or “play of color” to shine in a brilliant fashion.

Symbolism and Properties

The name “opal” comes from the Sanskrit term, “Upala” which translates to the precious stone. Much later, it took on the Roman name “Opallios”, then added “black” to describe the dark body tone.

Symbolically, all opals represent creativity and uniqueness, due to the fact that no two opals are the same. Black Opals specifically, are known to possess healing properties. Used frequently in crystal healings, opals are said to boast excellent skills in absorbing negative energies, thoughts, and influences. They are also imagined to offer protective energies when worn, giving humans the ability to choose justice and operate with good intentions.

While black opals may have initially garnered a bad reputation for bringing bad luck, they have proven themselves once more and can be seen in tons of pop culture references.

Black opals are now known to be restorative and cleansing, with some even saying that wearing them can “purify” the body and soul by strengthening the immune system and protecting the liver against disease.

The stone is also rumored to promote organization and order, enabling the wearer to think clearly and communicate efficiently. If you’re into metaphysics, black opals are said to be the “stone of prediction” because of their prophetic and psychic properties in Greek and Roman histories.

Where is Black Opal Found?

These stunning gemstones are almost exclusively sourced from New South Wales, Australia.

Lightning Ridge is the most significant gemstone source for black opals and serves as the largest global supplier. Ethiopia is another source of black opal, though these gemstones are typically smoked to achieve their dark base.

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