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Rose Gold–2022 Trend Alert

If you have ever wanted to see the world through your own rose-colored glasses, we at Sorg Jewelers may have a trend alert just for you! From engagement and wedding sets to your everyday fashion looks, rose gold styles are hot on the popularity upswing this summer and wedding season. 

The Origin of Rose Gold: How the Frenzy Began 

While it’s true that rose gold has been popular for quite some time, the true popularity of the color dates back through the decades. With the release of the Cartier tri-tone Trinity ring in 1920, rose gold burst onto the scene. Known to some as “Russian Gold”, this shade of the metal was popular on the other side of the world before it ever made it to the states. To women of the time, sporting pink-tinted jewelry pieces represented femininity, elegance, and timelessness. 

Why We Love Rose Gold

  • It compliments every skin tone! 
      • Rose gold happens to be one of the warmest tones of metal out there. It brings out the underlying blues in each person’s skin, regardless of how hidden those tones may be. Where yellow and white gold creates a sharper contrast against different color palettes, rose gold is able to blend into the colors surrounding it. 
  • It goes with everything! 
    • Gone are the days of only sticking to your yellow or white pieces, because rose gold pairs beautifully with both! Don’t be afraid to pick up two or all three gold tones to create a statement that won’t be soon forgotten.

What is Rose Gold anyway? 

Rose gold is a blend of 24 karat yellow gold, copper, and silver. These different metals are also called alloys, which are used to color and determine all types of metal made into jewelry including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and of course, rose gold.

At Sorg Jewelers we pride ourselves on service, having offered outstanding guidance and craftsmanship for over 120 years. From custom pieces to folkloric traditions, we have you covered from the moment you walk through our doors. Have more questions about the world of rose gold? Do you have a topic you’d like to see a deep dive done on? Let us know! Visit our website for more!