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Is Yellow Gold Back for Good?

Younger generations are once again reaching for the classic yellow band over white and platinum, and the pros aren’t surprised. Where white and even rose metals used to dominate the ring fingers of newlyweds, we are now seeing a lot more of that classic yellow hue. 

We’re shifting back to Yellow, but Why?

Platinum and white gold have led the trends over the past two decades, but that is no longer the case. What is causing this rush back to our yellow roots?

    • For one, its sentimental nature. 
      • What goes around comes around, and many brides are beginning to reach for styles and colors reminiscent of the jewelry of their mothers and grandmothers.
    • It looks good on everyone.
      • Yellow gold is a safe and durable option for any and all jewelry needs that compliments every skin tone.
    • The value and bang for your buck. 
      • Unlike white gold and platinum, yellow gold requires little upkeep which makes it a budget-friendly and time-saving choice for any customer.

Yellow Gold in Pop Culture

From TikTok to Instagram, yellow gold is everywhere. You can thank these two platforms in particular for much of the resurgence of our classic color due to trends such as, but not limited to, “Clean Girl Aesthetic”, “That Girl” and “Summer jewelry hauls”. Though they may seem of little importance, trends like these can shift the buying patterns of customers worldwide over time.

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