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Getting to Know the Peridot: The Gem of the Sun 

Are you celebrating a birthday this month? Whether you’re a true August baby or just love these happy gemstones, you’re in for a treat. When it comes to choosing a piece, all of us at Sorg Jewelers want our clients to feel completely in the loop from start to finish. Join us on this month’s birthstone journey as we uncover and learn about the intrigue of the effervescent peridot. 

The Gem of the Sun: What it Means

Ever since it’s discovery, legends have tied Peridots to the sun. It was believed that these gemstones would bring happiness and energy to the owner and they were always highly sought after, but especially in times of distress. Peridots are known to wash ashore in volcanic regions of Hawaii and are made of the mineral, olivine, which is also found in lava rocks. Ancient Hawiian stories attributed the lime green gems to Pele, goddess of elements, claiming them to be her tears. Other cultures similarly believed that the stone was first brought to earth through the explosion of a sun. While this may seem to be ancient myth, peridot crystals have been found in rare meteorites that are 4.5 billion years old.


Peridots in Egypt: Cleopatra & The Power of Nature


Peridots were a big deal in aancient Egypt. In fact, Cleopatra herself was such a fan of the lime-covered gems, that it is speculated her famous emerald collection… might not have been emeralds at all. Some historians believe her collection may have instead consisted of peridots, as priestses of the time believed the stones could harness the power of nature. 

Peridots and the Occult

Nenirich Cornelous Agrippa, renowned German occult writer, claimed that a peridot held to the sun would emit a golden star that could heal any respiratory diseases or issues. Due to this claim, apothecary shops of time kept powdered forms of the gemstone to help aid in preventing a range of ailments including insomnia, bleeding, and nightmares. 



At Sorg Jewelers we pride ourselves on service, having offered outstanding guidance and craftsmanship for over 120 years. From custom pieces to folkloric traditions, we have you covered from the moment you walk through our doors. Have more questions about the world of peridots? Do you have a stone you’d like to see a deep dive done on? Let us know! Visit our website for more!