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Getting to Know the Pearl: The Iridescent Sheen of Elegance

While pearls are one of the most recognizable of gemstones, they are unique from other stones in countless ways. Between saltwater and freshwater, cultured and uncultured, color, and shape, these iridescent beauties have been reflective of wealth and class since… well, since nearly the beginning of time. When it comes to choosing a piece, all of us at Sorg Jewelers want our clients to feel completely in the loop from start to finish. Join us on this month’s birthstone journey as we uncover and learn about the mystery of the elusive pearl.

The Moon, the Water & the Night Sky: Pearl Symbolism

Freshwater pearls can and tend to appear in many unusual and sometimes striking shapes. Though the freshwater variety is steadily rising in popularity, the spherical shape of the saltwater pearl is what society has come to hold as standard throughout the years. If you have ever found yourself thinking that the light luminescence of the saltwater gem boasts a striking resemblance to the moon, you’re not alone. In fact, history has shown that many cultures have tied pearls to lunar phenomena, both by appearance and their connections to the earth’s waters.

Pearls in Astrology: Where Did They Come from?

Western cultures have astrologically associated the pearl with the planet Venus and the goddess of love. Both hail from watery depths and exude an aura of mystery, solidifying them in the astrological charts. It is said that pearls can aid those who are weak in their moon sign, providing a tranquil and calming effect when worn. Astrologers have also been known to recommend pearls to people who are facing some kind of emotional instability or trauma in the hope of channeling the relaxing powers of the moon.

Ancient Vedic texts cite the creation of the pearl to be of Earth’s waters and heaven, having come together in a singular flash of lightning. Some legends even state that pearls fell from the eyes of Eve as she was banished from the Garden of Eden, giving them their strongly feminine association to this day.

The Soul’s Journey: How Pearls Come into Play

Various ancient Asian cultures believed that the presence of pearls inside an oyster was indicative of divinity. The pearl was said to represent a soul on the search for perfection and many ancient burial traditions often included pearls being placed into the mouths of those that passed. This was done in an effort to guide those lost loved ones through the journey of life after death. It wasn’t uncommon to see burial sites decked out in pearls either, as mourners would often leave them on the surface as well.

Pearls & Wealth: The Correlation

Have you ever heard the saying, “pearls of wisdom”? We are betting you have, and there is a reason for that. The rarity of a natural pearl was similarly compared to that of a true piece of smart advice: Finding some is more valuable than one may think. Thus, the saying was born. In ancient times, individuals would be seen tossing pearls into the garbage, as the ability to give up such valuable items was indicative of extreme wealth. Through modern perliculture practices, finding pearls is much more common than it used to be. You won’t catch us throwing out any pearls, however, and we cannot say we agree with that practice! Nowadays, we see pearls on the necks, fingers, ears and wrists of Hollywood stars, brides, runway models and even that random lady on the street. The effortless beauty and class of the pearl has existed since the dawn of recorded history and will likely continue on forever. There is a reason the classics never die.

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