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Getting to Know the Citrine and Topaz: November’s Twin Birthstones

You know what goes perfectly with cool fall weather? Topaz. Also, citrine. Today we are taking you on a dual birthstone journey as we uncover and learn about the history and lore of these two stunning gemstones. When it comes to choosing a piece, all of us at Sorg Jewelers want our clients to feel completely in the loop from start to finish. Have questions that we don’t cover? Drop in or give us a call for any follow up information on November’s sunny-colored topaz and citrine stones. 

Topaz and Citrine: The Budget Friendly Twin Stones


If you have ever seen a citrine and a topaz next to each other, you may be hard pressed to tell the two apart. These two stones can look so similar that they have often been mistaken for each other through the years. Though they can both sport a warm yellow hue, the minerals are unrelated. Topaz appears in a vast variety of colors other than yellow, which can provide a strong distinction. Both stones are readily available and affordably priced, regardless of size or cut, making them accessible regardless of budget. 

Citrine: The Stone of Manifestation


Looking for a little good energy in your life this winter? Picking up a piece of citrine jewelry may be exactly what you need. Over the centuries, citrine has become synonymous with manifestation, wealth, and imagination. Its striking yellow color evokes the warmth of the sun and life-giving energy which is thought to pack a powerful punch. Egyptians used citrine gemstones as talismans, the Greeks as statues and the Romans as jewelry to harness the calming powers of the stone. 

Falling in Love with Citrine


According to ancient lore, carrying citrine on your person can attract romantic love and prevent any kind of heartbreak. It is believed that it can instill personal confidence and healing wisdom as well, while banishing negative energy. Extraordinarily, the stone is among only few that are not associated with having the possibility to harbor unfavorable fortune. 

All that glitters…is Topaz? 


As topaz is commonly found in it’s golden yellow state, it has long been believed to attract wealth in the form of gold and might. The ancient Greeks believed that wearing topaz gave them strength. In Renaissance Europe, it was thought that topaz could break dark magic spells and dissipate anger. In India, many believe that topaz worn above the heart assures la ong life of beauty and intelligence. 

The Many Colors of Topaz


While we know that topaz can come in pretty much any color under the sun, the mineral itself is actually colorless. Impurities can shift the hue to any color, though the most common are yellow and amber. The famous blue topaz is rare in nature, and many available in stores have been treated to attain their recognizable hue. If you are looking for the most elusive of topaz colors, the Imperial topaz takes the cake. Appearing as a red-orange gem, this stone is the most valuable and rare version of the November birthstone. 

At Sorg Jewelers we pride ourselves on service, having offered outstanding guidance and craftsmanship for over 120 years. From custom pieces to folkloric traditions, we have you covered from the moment you walk through our doors. Have more questions about the world of either citrine or topaz? Do you have a stone you’d like to see a deep dive done on? Let us know! Visit our website for more!